AM:PM.RC is a run crew that roll with the #BridgeTheGap movement as founded by Run.Dem.Crew (LDN) and The Bridge Runners (NYC).


Please read carefully and consciously the questions below. Take your time to answer them and if by the end you are still interested in joining us then hit send.

We grow by common interests and being connected via mutual friends and two degrees of separation. As open as we are, we cannot allow every single person to join. Tight community is key.


We are not a running club, there are plenty of those around.  First and foremost we are friends and family. 
We're made up of a diverse & creative lot of people. We run together for many reasons, to make and grow friendships, smash food, party, collaborate on creative ideas, run for wellness or aim for personal bests - We always give our all.

Strength To Strength is our jam. This means we grow as a crew by supporting and helping each other through everything we do.
We encourage crew members to be actively engaged in what the crew is doing and what it is about. 


There is no room for ego's in AM:PM.RC we look out for each other and support each other

Performance is a key factor for some crew and we do strive to improve and train hard. But we're all about building our community and family. We’re here to add to our culture and bring positive change through this thing called running.

We're made up of all levels of running but we do ask that you can run 5km in about 35minutes or so.

Style is always a big part of how we represent ourselves but we don't care what you wear or how you wear it.
It's about the PEOPLE.


We meet every Tuesday, rain or shine and various other days. It's always more than the run, we encourage conversation, meeting new people and doing things before or after running - together. 


We do this ourselves, we've grown this community and sustained it with hard work and passion. We strive to create, connect and nurture ideas in and outside of running.


We're all individuals, we are all unique, we are all equal. When you rock up to a run, say hello, introduce yourself to someone you don't know. 
Make others feel at home!


Go hard or go home. We commit to ideas and goals and encourage everyone to be a part of this.


This is not a service, this is a community and a community thrives by giving back. By giving back it helps the crew grow stronger and sustain for years to come.


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Whats your preferred pace and distance?
We like to network in creative fields!
We like to network in creative fields!
We like to network in creative fields!
We like to network in creative fields!
We like to network in creative fields!
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